By offering honest and high-quality dentistry for more than 27 years, we’ve earned a reputation for always doing what’s best for our patients.

Trussville Dentistry can arm you with the knowledge and tools to help give you a brighter smile for life. Come see us to learn more about our preventative, restorative, and general dentistry services today.

• Excellence     • On-Time Appointments    • Comfort

• Technology    • Conservative Care    • Affordability

If these are the kinds of things you value, we’re a good match! At Trussville Dentistry, you can trust that your treatment will be conservative and tailored to you. We know that lasting oral health can create a happier life, and that is our ultimate goal for you. Trussville Dentistry is dedicated to the highest standard of personalized care for you and your family.
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dentist waiting room
dentist waiting room

General, Preventive & Cosmetic Services

dentist waiting room
From dentures to fillings, oral surgery to non-surgical periodontal treatment, we do it all! When you put your smile in our hands, you'll end up with more confidence, healthier teeth, and a new spring in your step. Give us a call today!
In addition to general dentistry services, you'll find a wide variety of options for improving your smile at our office. Some of our many services include: 

• Teeth whitening
• Professional Cleanings & Exams
• Sealants & Fluoride Treatment
• Preventative Dentistry
• Restorative Dentistry
• Crowns and Bridges
• Implant Crowns
• Partials and Dentures
• Periodontal Treatments
• Extractions & Immediate Tooth Replacement
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